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STEALLE  Global influence


Founded in 1992 , STEALLE emerged from a collective of independent designers. Originally specializing in recycling discarded leather jackets, unusual, high-quality unique pieces were created from the individual parts. Inspired by daring British cuts and Italian sophistication, STEALLE developed progressive fashion that has remained true to the European character to this day. The pursuit of quality and individuality is at the heart of every STEALLE creation. Each garment tells a story and is an expression of sustainability and respect for the heritage of leather. STEALLE believes that fashion should not only be beautiful, but also ethical.




STEALLE stands for excellent handcrafting, outstanding quality, timeless elegance and incomparable style. Our products are carefully crafted by experienced craftsmen to meet the highest standards. Every detail is treated with the utmost care and dedication to achieve a result of unsurpassed quality. At STEALLE we strive to create garments that go beyond passing trends. Our designs are characterized by timeless elegance and represent a sophisticated style that will last over the years.


At STEALLE  we only work with SEDEX-certified production facilities to ensure that our products are manufactured under fair conditions. We visit our suppliers regularly to ensure intensive cooperation. Our long-standing collaboration of over 30 years with our suppliers allows us to monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that our high standards are maintained. We are actively committed to fair working conditions, transparent production and a sustainable future. STEALLE stands for responsibility, transparency and the highest standards in the manufacturing process. Our customers can be assured that they are not only receiving high quality products, but are also helping to promote a fair and sustainable fashion industry.


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